Top 10 Best Double Strollers for 2016

When trying to choose a double stroller for infant and toddler, you can literally spend hours searching for just the right one for your needs. There are so many things to consider like comfort, durability, flexibility, style and price. The good news is that there are lots of double strollers on the market for you to consider. The bad news is that there really isn't one single stroller that will meet all of your needs perfectly. To help you pick the right one, we have reviewed the  Best Double Strollers on the market. Getting through the list, you will, more than likely, find your favorite one.




Best Double Strollers for 2016 Reviews


Top Best High-End Double Strollers

1. Top Best High-End Double Strollers

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

It’s a great way to keep your multi-child family rolling with a customizable design that makes everyone happy. The Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Stroller is the same width as a single stroller, allowing you to maneuver in narrow or crowded spaces more easily than with a side-by-side double stroller. From the sidewalk to the grocery store, you'll appreciate the narrow and nimble design.

Top Best Mid-Range Double Strollers

2. Top Best Mid-Range Double Strollers

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

Ideal for two children, this toddler jogger stroller is a perfect option for those who have twins. This Baby Trend double stroller's accommodates 2 Baby Trend infant car seats. It also includes multi-position, reclining seats provide a comfortable place for your children to relax while you go for a jog. On the other hand, the 5-point harness helps your kids stay safe while on the move. The ratcheted canopies offer shade and protection for your babies. This reclining stroller features lockable swivel casters at the front and two trays and cup holders to provide snacks and drinks for your kids.

Top Best Inexpensive Double Strollers

3. Top Best Inexpensive Double Strollers

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

It's safe, practical, and handles two passengers with the style and ease of one great stroller. The need for mobility in a side by side stroller is crucial, which is why the LX version comes with a lightweight frame that fits into any standard 30" doorway, as well as 360 degree shock absorbing front wheels. It makes the handling and use of the stroller safe, easy, and even fun for any parent. The LX Side By Side is good for baby because of its multi-position reclining feature, and 5-point harness with soft shoulder pads.

Best of the Best High-End Double Strollers

4. Best of the Best High-End Double Strollers

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie Stroller

Fully loaded for all your adventures, this stroller is perfect for intense workouts or casual strolls, when you want both kids along for the ride. The Revolution PRO DUALLIE is amazingly versatile. It has hand-activated rear drum brakes for maximum control on downhill slopes, so when you're picking up speed or hitting some hills, your little ones are safe at hand. This stroller can go anywhere. The front wheel swivels, which allows for easy maneuverability through parks, city streets and other tight spots, but also locks for added stability when jogging or taking on rough terrain.

Best of the Best Mid-Range Double Strollers

5. Best of the Best Mid-Range Double Strollers

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

The DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller has all the essentials a growing family needs. This lightweight double stroller features stadium-style seating, so the child sitting in the rear is slightly raised for a better view. To keep both passengers nice and comfy, both seats feature a reclining seat, child's tray, rotating canopy and footrest. And for Mom, a one-hand fold, extra large storage basket, and parent's tray.

Best of the Best Inexpensive Double Strollers

6. Best of the Best Inexpensive Double Strollers

Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller

The LX Side x Side Stroller from Delta Children is loaded with features that makes traveling with two children easier than ever! This double stroller provides protection from sun, wind or rain with its large canopy, reclines for your child’s comfort, and folds up for easy storage.

Best High-End Double Strollers

7. Best High-End Double Strollers

Bugaboo 2015 Donkey Twin Stroller Complete Set in Aluminum

Continuously updating and improving existing products is at the heart of who we are and what we do. It is our daily drive to make it easy for anyone to go out and discover the world, whether that world is around the corner or farther away. Listening to how our consumers are using our products always inspires our designers to further enhance that freedom of movement. Going out with twins has never been easier or as comfortable! In twin configuration the Bugaboo Donkey ensures the smoothest of rides for both children.

Best Mid-Range Double Strollers

8. Best Mid-Range Double Strollers

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Easily travel together with 2 infants, 1 toddler and 1 infant, or 2 small toddlers. With the same easy click-in Key Fit attachment as the Cortina stroller, the Together stroller accommodates a car seat in both the front and rear seats. Exclusive forward-fold front seat accepts the Key Fit or Key Fit 30 using exclusive Fold and Click car seat attachment without the need for add-on bars or straps - no more missing pieces. The rear seat has a full recline for bassinet enclosure or to accept an additional car seat. A sleek and modern anodized aluminum frame stroller with a unique tubing profile, the Cortina Together is 15% lighter than most comparably featured double strollers.

Best Inexpensive Double Strollers

9. Best Inexpensive Double Strollers

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

Younger child can ride in the front while an older child can sit or stand in the rear. A covered parent tray comes with 2 cup holders, and the one hand fold is fast and easy to use. Safety features include a 5 point child restraint safety harness and a foot activated rear brake. The removable/swing away child tray with cup holder also converts the stroller to a traditional Sit N Stand.

Over All Best Double Strollers

10. Over All Best Double Strollers

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

The larger 7-inch front wheels and 9.5-inch rear wheels make it easier to maneuver than before. Its lightweight and narrow design allows the stroller to fit through any door while providing ample room for your kids. The width of the stroller is 30 inches, so there's no need to fold it to get inside a door. The wheels have sealed bearings so pushing two kids totaling 90 pounds is easier than you could imagine; and, the double front wheels make the stroller extremely stable.


Products Conclusion

Top Best High-End Double Strollers
Great stroller, Most versatile tandem stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two.
Top Best Mid-Range Double Strollers
MUST BUY! Love this stroller, Locking front swivel wheels, and pneumatic bicycle tires.
Top Best Inexpensive Double Strollers
Nice stroller, Lightweight frame, multi position reclining feature for your little one.
Best of the Best High-End Double Strollers
Glides nicely. Smooth ride for the kids, Hand-activated, rear drum brakes for the best downhill control.
Best of the Best Mid-Range Double Strollers
Accepts two Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seats; tandem stroller holds 2 children up to 40 lb each
Best of the Best Inexpensive Double Strollers
Handy and lightweight, Compact umbrella fold for easy storage and travel.
Best High-End Double Strollers
Easily adjustable harness straps that can grow with your child.
Best Mid-Range Double Strollers
Great Stroller, especially for multiple young ones!
Best Inexpensive Double Strollers
Sturdy but runs smoothly.
Over All Best Double Strollers
I recommend it for all people having two kids, Recline each seat and adjust each footrest independently of each other.
Top Best High-End Double Strollers Top Best Mid-Range Double Strollers Top Best Inexpensive Double Strollers Best of the Best High-End Double Strollers Best of the Best Mid-Range Double Strollers Best of the Best Inexpensive Double Strollers Best High-End Double Strollers Best Mid-Range Double Strollers Best Inexpensive Double Strollers Over All Best Double Strollers


How To Select The Best Double Stroller

There are two main types of double strollers - The side-by-side models and the inline style model. In the side by side model the seats are placed adjacent to each other and allows the children to enjoy the world together, while in the inline the chairs are placed one behind the other; suitable for siblings with an age difference. Depending on your use and preference these models can come in various brands hence the need to have the following tips in mind while selecting the best double stroller for your kids.

A great stroller should offer smooth mechanisms for folding, reclining and other forms of seat adjustments. This way, you can fold and unfold your double stroller in one simple step. And since this baby essential is supposed to provide a convenient and easily maneuvered means of baby transport, it needs to be lightweight yet sturdy enough to support the weight of your children. The quality of the materials, frames and components used on a stroller defines the product's overall durability and serviceability. With the presence of all these design aspects, parents as well as babies and children are bound to enjoy comfort and increased safety in using such a stroller during their outings.

Overall, when deciding what is the best double stroller for infant and toddler to choose for your family, you should consider how each style of stroller will fit comfortably into your day to day lifestyle.


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