Best Steam Iron For 2016

For a long time now, electric steam irons have evolved in both design and features since invention by the Eldec Company in 1926 even though it was two decades before they gained widespread popularity in the 1940s and 1950s. Since they come in different sizes, shapes, and colours, their pricing is also pocket friendly and you can always choose one that will not put a dent on your finances. Electric steam irons can range from as little under $25 to $200 and above. When all is said and done, it all boils down to the purpose intended.

For any purchaser of steam irons, there are a few key features that the appliance must have. These are most likely a thermostat, steam option, heat-resistant insulation around the electric cord, and a water reservoir. However, a truly stellar iron will give you several additional features, that many frequent iron users find extremely useful, if not necessary. Here are the best Steam Iron for 2016 that you should consider getting one.



Top 10 Best Steam Iron For 2016


Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

The iron’s smooth-gliding stainless-steel soleplate features 400 steam holes to ensure thorough steam distribution and time-saving efficiency, while its stainless-steel precision tip maneuvers effortlessly over collars, along seams, and between buttons. The iron works with tap water (no need for distilled) and powers on with a simple turn of the thermostat knob, which comes with clearly marked low to high heat settings and options for nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. The iron auto-adjusts the steam output to match the soleplate temperature (turn auto-steam off for dry ironing). It also offers “burst of steam” to remove tough wrinkles and vertical steam for drapes and hanging garments. 

BLACK+DECKER D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron

2. BLACK+DECKER D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron

 The Black + Decker Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron features a digital display that lets you choose the temperature, steam level, and fabric setting, every time you iron. The stainless steel soleplate holds up for the long haul, and the 3-way auto shutoff feature gives you peace of mind with each use.

Sunbeam Steam Master Iron

3. Sunbeam Steam Master Iron

Experience the wrinkle-blasting power of the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron with Retractable Cord. Using 1400 watts of pressing power, plus Variable Steam Control, wrinkles disappear quickly. Engineered with powerful vertical and shot of steam technology to remove wrinkles fast while ironing flat or hanging clothes or draperies, and a professional-size stainless steel soleplate to smoothly glide across a variety of fabrics. Dual spray mist sprays more water to remove stubborn wrinkles and secured retraction allows safe and convenient cord management. The stylish chrome finish, and modern teal accents, boast design and durability. 

Rowenta DW5197 Steam Iron

4. Rowenta DW5197 Steam Iron

Rowenta has always been a great supporter of the fashion and crafting industries. Fashion designers and DIY crafters alike will appreciate the fabric-pressing, wrinkle-removing power of this Rowenta DW5197 Focus steam iron. The 1725-watt iron features a smooth-gliding stainless-steel soleplate with 400 steam holes to ensure thorough steam distribution and time-saving efficiency, while its pointed stainless-steel precision tip makes easy work of getting into pleats, along seams, and between buttons. 

Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron

5. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron

 The DW9280 is a professional-quality iron ideal for those who find themselves ironing often. It makes it effortless to remove wrinkles in record time, with easy-to-use controls and adjustable steam settings to accommodate all kinds of garments and home linens.  A handy LED digital display illuminates for linen, cotton, wool, silk, or nylon to indicate when the soleplate has reached the appropriate temperature for the selected fabric. 


Products Conclusion

Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron
Clearly marked thermostat knob; auto steam; burst of steam for stubborn wrinkles; vertical steam for hanging items, 3-way automatic safety shut-off; anti-calcium system; self-clean system for optimal performance
BLACK+DECKER D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron
Get peace of mind from motion-sensitive technology that shuts off the iron if it hasn’t been used for eight minutes on the heel and 30 seconds on the soleplate and sides.
Sunbeam Steam Master Iron
Shot of steam feature offers an Extra Burst of steam on flat surfaces or vertically steaming Hanging clothes or draperies, Anti-Calcium and Self-Clean systems keeps iron free of calcium and mineral deposits for optimal performance
Rowenta DW5197 Steam Iron
Smooth-gliding stainless-steel soleplate with precision tip for hard-to-reach areas; 400 holes for thorough steam distribution, Self-cleaning, anti-calcium system; anti-drip for ironing at low temperatures without the risk of spitting or leaking
Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron
Smooth-gliding stainless-steel soleplate with nonstick coating; 400 steam holes for even steam distribution, 1800-watt steam iron with SteamForce technology for fast, effective removal of wrinkles from all types of fabrics
Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron BLACK+DECKER D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron Sunbeam Steam Master Iron Rowenta DW5197 Steam Iron Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron


The Best Steam Iron

The basic operation of a steam iron is that it has an inbuilt water tank that heats the water as the iron itself heats up when turned on. With time, the water vaporizes and is spewed as minute droplets through several small holes at the base of the iron. The release of water vapor on the clothes being ironed is what in turn facilitates both easier and faster ironing. Unlike in the early days of these irons when one could not control the amount of steam that was ejected during ironing, today, the electric steam irons of today come fitted with a wide variety of features that allow the adjustment of the steam released to a desired level. This is because different fabric will require different amounts of steam during the ironing.

A regular iron can perform standard tasks such as smoothing out wrinkles in fabric, giving a sharp crease, and cementing decals onto fabrics. But a heavy duty steam iron can do all that and more. For example, rather than just emit steam when the steam button is pressed, a high-grade iron may have a dial that can modulate the amount of steam that comes out of the appliance. Fabric such as silk response to smoothing out with heavier blasts of steam, while regular permanent press fabrics can be ironed smooth with moderate or even no steam at all.

Another excellent advanced feature many high grade irons have are a heat dial. There are often several heat settings that can be adjusted to comply with the kind of fabric being iron. Linen and cotton can be subjected to high heat, plus steam. Wools and silks respond better to lower heat, and synthetic fibers are best iron with a low heat. In most cases, advanced irons will have this dial graded not by temperature, but an easy-to-use fabric category interface.

The steam level in ironing is similar to the temperature level in ironing in that varying materials respond to moisture in different ways. For example, linen and cotton can be ironed at the high steam setting because the fibers are best smoothed over while damp. Wool and synthetic fibers should be both be ironed at low heat; for wool, high heat may cause a permanent kink in the fibers, and synthetic materials are often made out of acrylic or polyester, and maybe melt. However, these two fabrics benefit from heavy steam, therefore the advanced irons option that allows the maximizing of steam while minimizing heat.

With those few tips, it should be a tad bit easier for you to identify and buy the best electric steam iron that will suit your needs.


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